Get your Website Found | SEO Enhanced Citations
Get your Website Found | SEO Enhanced Citations
Get your Website Found | SEO Enhanced Citations

Citation Shark

Grow your Business and Get Listed, with Citation Shark.

Citation Shark

As a local business owner, one of the biggest struggles you’ll ever face in growing your business (other than building a strong customer base) is building local citations. In a nutshell, a local citation is the mention of your business name, address, and phone number on another webpage on the internet.

This is where Citation Shark comes in. We’ll increase the exposure of your business by listing it on websites that have higher domain authorities and consistent streams of traffic. When your business is listed on a strong website, it inevitably grows its visibility on Google. It all comes down to association. If your business is associated with other important businesses, your SEO will improve tenfold!

These citations are an absolutely crucial part of your Local SEO processes and your business appearing on Google Maps. When your business information is correct across different websites, it tells Google that you are who you say you are and legitimizes your business in the eyes of the great Google machine. Needless to say, this is very important in growing your website and your Local SEO effectiveness!  

This is the main reason Citation Shark was created. It’s an essential part of business growth, and we want to fulfil that essential role by providing a platform that makes this process a smooth one.

In addition to business citations, Citation Shark provides high quality citations for digital agencies looking for affordable rates in this space. There are a lot of expensive options out there, we get it! That’s why we’re committed to keeping the cost low and the quality high.

We also offer a yearly subscription service which provides unlimited citations each year, should you require it!

To sum all of this up, our mission as Citation Shark is quite simple: We aim to help businesses and digital agencies grow and continue scaling up with automated local citations that will provide impeccable and measurable Local SEO results.

This is what Citation Shark can do for you:

Google Maps & Directions Embedding

Our citations are built purely for Local SEO. When you embed your Google My Business Map, it helps your business appear in Google Maps and gives visitors to your website the directions to your physical business address.

This is a major boost to your Local SEO performance and a key driver for increased traffic to your website. Many businesses have seen an incredible increase in sales and business opportunity through the use of embedded directions and Google Maps.

Relevant Backlinks

Our customised URL process includes your Google My Business category, your city, as well as the name of your business. These are all necessary for incredibly relevant backlinks, and will give your business an added foot forward when it comes to Local SEO.

Social Media Profiles

Social media has become a very valuable addition when it comes to online marketing. Nowadays, it’s not about whether your business is on social media that counts, but rather, it’s how it operates on social media.

Good social media can equal good website traffic and business growth, so it’s important! Whatever social media platforms your business is on, you can be sure that every single one of them will be on your business listings with Citation Shark.


Schema is the real MVP of driving quality traffic and leads to your website. All of our individual citations and pages are built with Schema markup to prevent any errors or mistakes on search engines. It’s like an invisible boost to your brand!

Our Schema code includes your business name, address, phone number, and other important details.

Sign Up to Citation Shark in Two Simple Steps

The entire process is quick and easy and will take you a maximum of 10 minutes! If it takes you longer, that’s okay too. There’s no judgement here.

Once you’ve completed these two simple steps, all you need to do thereafter is just wait and we’ll do the rest. This is where we will take the reins and do our thing. All you really need to do is fill out the form and then leave the rest to us!

Trust us, you’re in good hands when you’re in our hands.

You might be wondering about making changes or adding to the information you’ve provided on the form in step 2. This is a fair thing to think about, and something we’ve got covered. I

If you ever need to change any of your business details or info, Citation Shark gives you complete access to a single control panel to dictate everything regarding your citations. You can make changes to some details or add to other details, should you need to. These changes will go into effect on every single one of your citations that are out there through Citation Shark. Updated automatically!

If all of this sounds a little too technical for you, we’ve got good news. You don’t have to worry about a thing when you sign up with us. We literally take care of everything! All that’s required of you is to fill out the form and watch your traffic grow.

Step 1 – SIGNUP

Make the best decision for your business and let us handle your local citations. Once you’ve made the decision, take action by signing up with us!


The second and last thing we require from you is to fill out a very simple form, in which you’ll provide us with the relevant information regarding your business. You’ll also be able to paste your Google Maps and directions embed codes in this form. This gives us all the information we need to make your citations thrive.

Membership Options

Agency Sign Ups

$ 237 / month

14-day free trial
Unlimited Location Postings
Monthly/Yearly Subscriptions
24/7 Support
300 Citations

3 Sign Ups

$ 97 / month

14-day free trial
3 Location Postings
Monthly/Yearly Subscriptions
24/7 Support
300 Citations

Single Sign Ups

$ 67 / month

14-day free trial
1 Location Posting
Monthly/Yearly Subscriptions
24/7 Support
300 Citations


To Help Agencies Scale With Automated Local Citations And Stellar Local SEO Results

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Grow your Business and Get Listed, with Citation Shark.

Automated citations for your business could be the spark you need to lift your sales or increase your website traffic.

Citation Shark can help get your business to rank on Google Maps through highly relevant backlinks that are branded and personalized to your business. These backlinks include links to your business’s various social media platforms and profiles.

As we’ve already mentioned, social media is a key driver of business growth today, and with Citation Shark’s keen and meticulous backlinks, your social media presence can be found much quicker and more often!

It’s about time that you grew your business, and here at Citation Shark we want to help you do that.

Get listed, with Citation Shark.